August 8, 2017

Riverland Bank | Knowledge Bank | Employee Feature | Sarah Stellick

Sarah Stellick

Executive Vice President – Credit Administration

Executive Vice President of Credit Administration, Sarah Stellick, has over 20 years of professional banking experience. She strives to understand client needs and provide excellent results.

How long have you been with Riverland Bank and what is your role at the bank?

I’ve been working at Riverland Bank for 7 years and am currently the Executive Vice President of Credit Administration.

What attracted you to Riverland Bank?

I was looking for a smaller bank, because that’s the environment I came from. Before Riverland I had worked at two different community banks which were acquired by “big” banks. The sales environment at big banks is highly unappealing to me. That aspect is still a part of my job here, but it’s more integrated into the culture and not front and center.

What’s the difference between a community bank and a big bank?

The moment you have any special needs from your bank you’ll notice the difference between a community bank and a big bank right away. Community banks are more people-oriented and attentive to their customers’ needs.

What excites you about the future of Riverland Bank?

It’s exciting to be a part of the culture at Riverland Bank. We’ve done a great job of hiring the right people and adding technology to meet our customer’s needs and that will continue. I’m also very excited about the new Twin Cities branch and the opportunities that come with a new location.

Describe Riverland Bank in two words.

Teamwork and flexibility. The team here is very flexible and highly motivated. People are willing to help wherever they are needed so we can provide an excellent level of customer service. Understanding our customer’s needs and meeting them on a regular basis is really what it’s all about.