September 26, 2017

Steven Burow | Employee Feature | Riverland Bank

Steven Burow

Senior Vice President – Commercial Lending

As Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending, Steve works with a variety of clients from real estate to trucking, construction, electricians, and families. He is fascinated by how housing drives the economy and places a major emphasis on personal relationships.

What areas of banking do you specialize in?

I do a lot of construction financing, business financing, home mortgages, and investment real estate lending. A majority of my work is geared toward real estate.

What’s it like doing business with Riverland Bank?

It’s like banking with someone in your family. To me, it’s all about the people. I try to introduce clients to everyone so they know what steps their credit goes through and they can put a face and a name on it. It’s about that personal touch. It’s what I would expect from a good bank and we do our best to deliver that.

What do you mean by “personal touch”?

We offer many of the same services as other banks, but we deliver them in a different way. Most banks want to minimize phone contact between customers and employees. You don’t talk to a machine when you call here and no one is diverted based on different options. Our top priority is to be accessible and deliver what makes sense for each client on an individual basis.

What’s unique about Riverland Bank?

It’s a community bank experience with more resources. A lot of bigger banks will pass relationships from banker to banker. As clients grow, their needs can become more complex and demanding. A lot of our clients are on a growth path, but that shouldn’t change the relationship. We see ourselves as partners, advisors and hands-on supporters – not just financiers.

How do you build community?

We take the time to understand our client’s business. When a new customer calls, no matter what type of business they have, I really take personal interest in what they do. That level of understanding enables me to create opportunities for my clients and build roots in the community.