June 13, 2024

June is National Internet Safety Month, which is recognized in order to encourage internet users to follow data safety guidelines. While Riverland Bank is committed to providing peace of mind and a secure banking experience for our customers, we also want to ensure our customers are informed about how to protect their personal banking information and prevent security threats.

Online Safety Tips

Get in the habit of following the safety practices below as you use the internet and access your accounts.

1. Be aware of clicking on links you receive from emails, texts, and social media. These links may install malware on your devices, which allows cyber criminals to spy on your devices and gain access to your information.

2. Be careful what you share on social media – cyber criminals can use these sites to gather personal information about you to try and figure out your passwords.

3. Use strong multi-factor authentication on accounts to protect unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your personal information. This tool asks for your permission to log into accounts, even if passwords are known.

4. Use strong usernames and passwords, and do not reuse the same ones. This can protect your accounts in the case your information is obtained by a cyber criminal. Different tools are available online to generate passwords for your accounts, such as PasswordSafe.

5. Be careful where and how you are accessing your accounts with personal information. Only access these accounts on personal devices with trusted networks to protect yourself.

6. Install software on computers to protect your passwords and account numbers from malware. Additionally, install a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your devices.

7. Be suspicious of calls or texts claiming any of your accounts have been compromised. The bank will never ask you for your password, and will never call you and walk you through resetting your password.

If you bank with Riverland and are worried your accounts may be compromised, you can always call us directly at (952) 492-2750.

Read more about account safety at Riverland and our recommended practices for cybersecurity on our Security page.

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