February 27, 2018

Our Four Step Process to Making the Switch Without a Hitch

Big Bank Problems

In today’s banking environment, consolidation is commonplace. Banks are getting bigger and small businesses are getting lost in the shuffle. As a business owner, you might be thinking about switching banks and starting a new relationship, one that feels more personal and built around partnership. You’re also probably thinking about what it means to make a move. The prospect of changing your business banking relationship can seem daunting. After all, how many existing payments and deposits are tied to your operating account? Does your accounting staff have the capacity to take on new technology? Can your team take the time to deal with the process and paperwork?

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone – Our Team is Here to Help

At Riverland Bank, we take pride in our dedication and ability to guide clients through a banking transition, from point A to point Z and beyond. Our bankers are seasoned professionals with decades of experience in helping business customers transition their banking needs. The most important aspect to a smooth transition is transparent communication and comprehensive support. When a new client is going through the transition process, we bring our team to the table to assure that all needs are addressed and handled with the highest level of detail.

Our 4 Step Transition Process is Simple, Efficient and Friendly

Step 1 – Meeting Our People

While loans and financing needs, coupled with a desire for better customer service are often the primary reason for switching banks, it’s the fear of changing deposit relationships that brings anxiety. For this reason, we make sure to have our most seasoned cash management professionals in attendance at the first meeting. This allows your accounting staff to get comfortable with their banking counterparts before a decision is even made.

Step 2 – Setting Up a Transition Plan

Once the decision has been made to switch banks, we set up a “transition” meeting where our cash management professionals break down the banking transition into distinct phases for your team to follow, simplifying the process into easily manageable steps. We work directly with your team to develop a unique account and product structure then outline a step by step process to gather paperwork, order supplies, and notify customers and vendors of your new account information.

Step 3 – Training Your Team

One of our final steps is to sit down with your designated team and provide hands on system training that will allow you to get the most out of our bank’s cash management products.

Step 4 – Streamlining the Process

As we get to know your business better, we’ll make suggestions on how to improve your cash management process by assessing the financial tools and products that are most relevant to your business

Providing Ongoing & Continued Support

We understand the incredible weight of this transition period and its ability to set the tone for our entire partnership. At Riverland Bank, we work hard to ensure that your initial interactions flow as smoothly and efficiently as every deal to come. From the first meeting to the last–the mission of our community bank is to provide local businesses with first choice banking on a first name basis.

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