October 18, 2017

Jane Green | Client Story | Riverland Bank

Property investor, Jane Green, is the owner of Minneapolis Property LLC. From buying properties to rehabbing homes and processing over seventy transactions a year, she has a serious need for speed. Since the beginning, Jane has worked with Riverland Bank to build her business from the ground up.

Learn more about this unique relationship and how banker, Brad Meier, has worked with Jane every step of the way to grow her company.

Bradley K. Meier

Executive Vice President – Real Estate / Commercial Banking
Brad Meier profile photo

Jane has been working with Brad since the beginning of her business–tapping into the high level commercial and private banking services with a real estate focus. Brad is proud to have played a role in the growth and success of Minneapolis Property’s real estate portfolio.

“Apart from providing me with endless advice of how to structure my business and make decisions, Riverland Bank also helps me save time.”

Jane Green, Owner, Minneapolis Property LLC

At Riverland Bank, clients like Jane are able to rely on personal service and speed to ensure decisions are made quickly and deals are done right. Our bankers are exceptional in their knowledge and ability to provide solutions that are custom, quick and always come with the client’s best interest in mind.


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