June 18, 2017
Patriot Converting is a veteran-owned converting business led by father and son Brian and Mike Stilwell with operations spanning the upper midwest.

Looking to Partner with a Best-in-Class Bank

Patriot Converting had always been on an upward trajectory of growth, but recently that success accelerated. As the company grew so did their financing and service requirements. Patriot Converting had positioned themselves in the market as a best in class service provider and needed that same level of support from their banking relationship.

As Patriot Converting sought out a new banker they had five key requirements their bank needed to meet:

1. The resources to grow with them as their business grew
2. A commitment to learn about their business
3. The speed to make decisions quickly
4. An implicit trust in their partner
5. The ability to communicate candidly


A Focus on Growing Together

The team at Riverland Bank, led by Veteran and Commercial Banker Gary White, connected with Patriot Converting through a mutually known veteran in the community and quickly realized they shared a common set of values and understanding of how to do business together.

In the team at Riverland, Patriot Converting found a bank, that like them, was experiencing accelerating growth, was well capitalized to meet their growing needs, had the ability to quickly analyze and make decisions about emerging opportunities and finally, as veterans, they knew they could trust them and their advice over the life of the relationship.

“Riverland has an answer before I even have a question.”

Mike Stillwell, Executive Vice President, Patriot Converting

Patriot Converting Client Story

Read about the key aspects of what makes Riverland Bank’s relationship with Patriot Converting both unique and effective.

What Do You Look for in a Banking Partner?

I need guys who have experience in industry and in life who can add value to what we’re doing right here.

What Kind of Relationship Do You Have with Riverland?

Riverland is very responsive to our needs and I have no hesitations that if I was halfway around the world and needed something then I could call them. I have all their direct lines, all their mobile numbers, their emails. I can call any of the team and say hey this is what we need.

How Does Riverland Support the Growth of Your Business?

If I’m thinking about growth structure or purchasing a new machine, Riverland is working on it before I’m even done thinking about it.  Riverland has an answer before I even have a question. Having someone that hungry to help is invaluable.

What’s it Like Working with Fellow Veterans?

When you work with veteran business owners they operate with precision and speed. That’s just what we’re bred to do. With Gary having 20+ years as an operator in the military it was a no-brainer to bank with Riverland. He’s seen way uglier situations than anything we could bring to him in the banking world. So I’m never afraid to call him and ask him about anything.

Why Do You Bank with Riverland?

With some banks if you don’t get your documents in on Monday you won’t get a review for another three Mondays. Business moves a lot faster than that. That’s where the veteran piece comes in. In the military sense, if we wait that’s someone’s life. Because of that, veterans execute quickly and precisely. It was a no-brainer to work with Gary at Riverland when we found out he was a veteran.