June 28, 2022

students sitting in a circle talkingFor Thrive Ed, a Twin Cities-based non-profit, it was important to find a local banking partner that not only offers a personalized approach, but an interest in helping them live out their mission.

“As a new non-profit, we knew there would be a steep learning curve for our organization,” explains Thrive Ed Executive Director Nicole Dimich. “We looked for a bank that would be responsive, patient, and knowledgeable about our organizational structure as well as the financial/banking side of our work.” Thrive Ed selected Riverland Bank to be that partner.

Dimich describes Riverland’s community-based, relationship-focused approach as a “beautiful match” for the work the non-profit is doing to reinvent education. “Riverland understands the road non-profits travel,” Dimich adds. “Their insight, advice, and patience have been integral in our sustainability as we make decisions along the way. As we have grown and our needs have shifted, they have provided guidance on setting up our finances and accounts – and even connected us to others.”

Since 2019, Thrive Ed has been on a mission to change the trajectory of education by powering students to co-create curriculum and meaningful school experiences while addressing the challenges schools face. Working together to push on school systems from the inside out, Thrive Ed is a restorative education community where student leaders and teacher mentors stand shoulder-to-shoulder to build personalized learning experiences.

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