May 11, 2022

MN Parent Union-led protesting

“As a new non-profit executive, the financial side of the operation seemed like it was going to be a daunting task,” says Rashad Turner, Founder, President, and Executive Director of Minnesota Parent Union, a St. Paul-based organization that serves to educate, empower, engage, and support parents of K–12 students. “However, Riverland Bank staff took the time to answer my questions and really made me feel comfortable in making the choice to bank there. Even today I still feel like our organization is treated like family.”

According to Turner, the smaller, more personable service model at Riverland Bank makes it a very inviting atmosphere, perfectly suited for non-profits. “Riverland is a big help – the staff makes my life easier and everything is organized and right there online when I need it. If I have to call, they’re happy to help.”

Minnesota Parent Union, now in its third year, is driven by four key strategies that help parents to: choose better schools for their kids, advocate better for their kids, advocate for better schools, and influence local decision making. As of early 2022, the Minnesota Parent Union has engaged over 3,100 parents and helped enroll nearly 500 students into better schools.

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