March 28, 2023

young woman giving banking advice to older male client

Let’s face it: We’ve all heard about the recent collapses of large banks in the news cycle lately – and we get it, it can easily make you start to wonder whether your bank is next. Let us assure you: Riverland is well-capitalized and readily equipped to continue protecting our clients’ assets.

When it comes to deposit accounts – whether personal or business – we want our customers to know the security of their funds is our highest priority. Riverland Bank is FDIC insured, and our bankers have a number of ways to help ensure clients are getting full FDIC coverage. Below are a few tools our team recommends taking advantage of.

FDIC Calculator

If you have any kind of deposit account, such as checking, savings, money market deposit account (MMDA), or certificate of deposit (CD), you can use the FDIC’s Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE) to calculate what your current insurance coverage is. The tool can also recommend ways to increase your coverage by adding additional beneficiaries.

The EDIE takes into account your specific bank and account type and tells you how insurance rules and limits apply to your situation, even if you have multiple accounts at different banks. It should be noted that EDIE is not meant to be used for any investments that are not deposits.

How to use the EDIE tool

You can get started estimating your deposit coverage on your own instantly on the FDIC website, where you’ll also find a video tutorial. You’ll just need your basic account information on hand. Our bankers are also well-versed in using the tool and are happy to walk our customers through the process. You can contact us by phone or request an appointment to get friendly assistance.


Another tool Riverland Bank customers have access to is CDARS® through IntraFi, which is a product that acts as a custodian for deposits. When you, with the help of your banker, deposit money into a CDARS account, those funds are spread across certificate of deposit accounts at network banks. Each of those accounts is insured up to the FDIC limits, and each bank is responsible for determining what interest rate to pay to savers.

What are the benefits?

By using CDARS, you’re securely diversifying your assets by accessing the IntraFi network of banks, all simply through your banking relationship with Riverland. Your funds deposited will be fully FDIC insured, and you’ll be able to access reporting on your funds through Riverland. Ultimately, you’ll be better protected during economic fluctuations and can rest assured that your deposits are protected.

Bank On Us

The Riverland team is here to be your trusted banking partner, and we pride ourselves on doing so, especially in times of economic uncertainty. If you have any questions about the resources above or want guidance on protecting your deposit assets, call 952-492-2750 or visit to get in touch with a banker.

Written by Taylor Ebneter, EVP/Director of Operations