June 12, 2017

Riverland Bank New Logo and Branding

At Riverland Bank, we specialize in building community wherever our clients are to provide first choice banking on a first name basis. As our company continues to grow alongside our customers, we are constantly working to provide a better banking experience and make a greater impact in our community and beyond. We have built a strong foundation with deep-seated customer relationships. It’s time to extend our physical presence and get closer to our customers.

Riverland Bank | Knowledge Bank | Old and New Logo


“Riverland Bank is growing, building and evolving. We have a vision to innovate and grow this bank the right way by servicing customers in a variety of sectors. As we continue to grow our focus will remain on the people – from our customers to our team.”

Rick Huckle, Founder, CEO, Chairman

Our new brand identity represents our legacy and where we are headed. It acknowledges that business growth is built on relationships, service, and creativity. With this timely rebrand, we are entering a new chapter for Riverland and forging a solid framework for the future – one that is trusted, sophisticated, and innovative.

With our dedicated staff and proven customer record we are ready to show the broader community that Riverland is not just another bank. With us, our clients are banking on speed, relationships, integrity, excellence, and innovative service. As a trusted partner, we aim to understand and support our client’s business goals. This level of high-caliber service allows us to provide counsel and well-designed financial solutions for our customer’s unique needs.

“At Riverland, you are a person not just a number and that’s the most important thing.”

Client Quote

At Riverland we know that selecting a banking partner is an important decision and we pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled level of service while building long lasting relationships. Later this fall, we will open the doors of our new Twin Cities branch where our team of well-known bankers will serve the Metro business community. With our new brand, plans for growth, and team of top choice bankers, we look forward to building prosperous, innovative and strong communities – a long-term commitment which is best captured in our new tagline: Banking on Community.