Fraud Alert

Please read this important information to help protect your online banking access and accounts.

The bank has implemented various controls to help protect you, our customers, against fraud. However, there is a fraud attempt circulating now that we need to make you aware of.

In this fraud attempt, the fraudster sends a large number of people a text message, pretending to be the bank. Some of these people are bank customers, and some are not. For those that are customers, the text appears to be legitimate, and it asks the recipient to verify a transaction.

The user is prompted to click on a link in the message because they do not recognize the transaction. The site the link goes to does look like the Bank’s Digital Banking site but it is a fraudulent site, it then asks for your username and password. Because this is a fraudulent site, if your username and password are entered, the fraudster then gains access to your account. This allows the fraudster access to your accounts and the potential to transfer money to themselves.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop these text messages because they are sent directly to you. Therefore, it is important for you to be cybersmart.

Remember the following:

  • NEVER click on a link in a text message as stated above.
  • NEVER verify a transaction through a message like this. Please contact an employee at the bank using a phone number from a verified source such as the website, not one delivered in a text message.
  • Be suspicious of communications that require immediate attention or services will be paused or discontinued.
  • Be suspicious of calls or texts claiming your account has been compromised.
  • If someone calls you stating they are from the bank and it doesn’t seem right, immediately hang up and call us directly at (952) 492-2750.
  • If something seems suspicious, listen to your gut, and call us directly at (952) 492-2750.
  • If you fall victim to a scam like this, call us immediately. The sooner we know, the easier it is for us to help you and others.
  • The bank will never ask you for your password. The bank will never call you and walk you through resetting your password. When in doubt, call us directly at (952) 492-2750.

Additional Steps Being Taken

  • Disabled the reset Username and Password Links.
    • Why?
      • Some banks have seen a rise in social engineering to get online banking user’s security questions which would allow them to then gain access to your username or password using these links.
  • Institute a call back process for online banking requests including but not limited to password resets and username inquiries.
    • The use of the phone number that is currently on our system during a call back verifies that the person we are speaking with is indeed you, our customer. The fraudsters have been known to use caller ID spoofing so calls appear to come from a legitimate source but are really not our customer. The call backs help ensure we are talking to you.