September 23, 2021

Throughout the pandemic and prior, Riverland Bank has maintained a trusting relationship with Nomadic Shack, one of our business clients, providing them consistent peace of mind regarding their finances. Nomadic Shack, based in Jordan, Minnesota, helps design, build, and furnish livable shacks for their clients.

Nomadic Shack model home Nomadic Shack interior living space

Above: Nomadic Shack’s model shack located in Jordan, Minnesota.

Since Nomadic Shack is a small, family-owned business, it’s important to them to have the support of a local, community-oriented bank. “We feel that we are always a priority, and the success of our business is important to our bankers, especially Steve Burow, EVP, Commercial Banker, at Riverland Bank,” says Kristi Hage, owner of Nomadic Shack. “If there is an opportunity for growth, the bankers at Riverland make sure to recommend clients to us, and we do the same with referring our clients to Riverland to assist with their banking needs.”

A business dedicated to building customized, unique products for their clients deserves a bank that can provide similarly customized support. Our bankers at Riverland provide this to Nomadic Shack in the many facets of their business, whether it be helping market them to new potential clients, assisting with lending opportunities, or simply looking out for their best interests when it comes to creating long-lasting professional relationships. It is important to be able to trust your bank, and because our bankers have built strong relationships with Nomadic Shack and consistently provide tailored support based on their needs, we’ve been able to gain their trust and show them that our bankers always have their best interests in mind. It’s easy to see why our bankers are thrilled to partner with a local company that makes such exciting, innovative products.

“No matter the time of day, our questions are answered, and we do not feel left in the dark at any point,” Kristi shares. “The team at Riverland Bank is supportive of our new ideas, even if they are unconventional. We look forward to many years of continued success for both Riverland and Nomadic Shack.”

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