August 24, 2022

Black Box Safety truck and owner, Dalton

“No one knows who I am at the ‘big banks’,” says Jackson Dalton, Founder of Black Box Safety, a safety equipment distribution company. “At Riverland Bank, I know most people by name, and they know me. They go above and beyond to help us.”

Dalton, who was referred to Riverland by the Minnesota Small Business Administration (SBA) Chapter and the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) when he started the business back in 2017, says he never looked back. “Even though my business is no longer headquartered in Minnesota, I love maintaining my connection and am really happy to support a local bank that does so much to help other Minnesota-based businesses.”

For Dalton, the relationship between Black Box Safety and Riverland is built on trust. “Riverland has been so flexible with the approval of large deposits and extending credit to us – two things that are so important for a small business that has sensitive cash flow needs.”

Dalton explains that poor experiences with other banks have led him to exclusively partner with Riverland for all of his team’s banking needs. “When we have an issue or question, we know who to call or email, often receiving replies after hours or on the weekend.”

A veteran-owned and operated company, Black Box Safety is an authorized distributor of safety and protection equipment – from infection control and medical supplies to police/fire/EMS and emergency response equipment. Through its product offerings, Black Box Safety specializes in the prevention of serious injury in the workplace. Dalton, who was injured while serving in the United States Marine Corps, found a drive to help others through a career in Occupational Health and Safety. He has devoted his life to making sure that people don’t get hurt at work so that they can continue to do the things they love with the people who matter most.

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