August 26, 2020

Do you ever see a mouth-watering ad for food and immediately wish you had that food in front of you? That’s how we feel about the visual content that one of our business banking clients, Ingredient, creates. Ingredient, a food marketing agency based in Minneapolis, has been a Riverland Bank client since 2018. They partner with leading food brands – from local heroes like Lunds & Byerlys to household names like Betty Crocker – and connect target customers to their products through photography, video, branding, web design, and more.

Ingredient testimonial quote

When COVID-19 struck the U.S., Ingredient applied for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, knowing their business, like many, could take a hit. Riverland geared up right away to assist with PPP loan applications, knowing many clients and community members would be struggling and overwhelmed during this time. We saw it as an opportunity to continue to act as a comforting, helpful presence for clients who seek guidance from us on a regular basis. “Riverland was with us every step of the way through the PPP process,” said Ken Goldman, Director of Brand Strategy at Ingredient. “We heard stories from other businesses like ours about how they couldn’t even get through on the phone to their bank. Meanwhile, Riverland was calling us to help. We can’t recommend them enough. Riverland is what every bank should be.”

Needless to say, we’re glad to see our hard work continuing to lead to satisfied customers, even throughout this financially difficult time. Learn more about Ingredient. (And, if you want some food pic inspiration, look no further! We highly recommend checking out their website and social media pages to see some pretty amazing #foodpics!)

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