May 4, 2021

At Riverland Bank, we are committed to engaging, inspiring, and making an impact in the lives of our clients, partners, and neighbors in the diverse Northeast Arts District, in Jordan, and the surrounding areas. As a community bank we are truly invested in the communities we serve – we see ourselves as a partner to our small business and nonprofit customers and continually look for ways to give back to our community through sponsorships and volunteerism.

In Good Times and Bad

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Riverland Bank has protected the paychecks of more than a thousand people, channeling over $25 million to the employees of our customers. This includes more than 65 of our existing clients as well as over 30 new businesses who came to Riverland for help processing their PPP application(s).

While we offer many of the same services as other banks, we deliver them in a different way. Most banks want to minimize phone contact between customers and employees. You do not talk to a machine when you call us, and no one is diverted based on different options. Our top priority is to be accessible and deliver what makes sense for each client on an individual basis.

Building Community

We offer a community bank experience backed with the technology and resources organizations need to thrive. A lot of bigger banks will pass relationships from banker to banker. As clients grow, their needs can become more complex and demanding. A lot of our clients are on a growth path, but that will not change the relationship here at Riverland. We see ourselves as partners, advisors, and hands-on supporters – not just financiers. We take the time to understand our client’s business. That level of understanding keeps us connected to our clients and rooted in the community.