October 7, 2021

October is Cybersecurity Month. This is a great opportunity to ensure your information is protected. Here are a few tips to help secure your information as a consumer:

1. Install software that protects against malware, and add a firewall to your computer to stop unauthorized users from accessing your information.

2. Check your security settings on social networking sites. Cybercriminals leverage information on social media, such as birth dates, to hack passwords and reset them. Also consider blocking individuals you don’t know. Cybercriminals often pose as “friends” in order to learn personal information.

3. Back up your files on an external hard drive or in the cloud. Be sure to shred paper files that are no longer needed, such as old receipts or credit card offers.

4. Review and reconcile your account activity regularly and obtain your free credit report annually. Alert your bank to any discrepancies immediately.

5. Limit your use of public Wi-Fi and avoid logging into financial accounts when you are utilizing public or shared Wi-Fi. There is always the possibility of others accessing your information as it is being transmitted.

6. Use a VPN. A VPN allows you to browse the internet in total anonymity. With a VPN activated, you can worry less about your internet activity being tracked or intercepted.

You can learn more about these tips and other best practices to keep your information safe and secure by visiting riverland.bank/security.